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UHV components

There are many vacuum components which you can see in the catalogues. These are standard components with defined standard sizes and characteristics. But specially adapted components are required in research and production departments. We have therefore specialised in these components. We design, build and test vacuum components in accordance with drawings and specifications from our customers.

Customised UHV components: constructed, built and tested by Kreß

It is rare that standard UHV components and vacuum chambers can be used in research and many areas of production. The functions, connections or characteristics required cannot be fulfilled with off the peg products. For many years Kreß GmbH has had extensive experience in design and development of components for the ultra high vacuum environment. We turn, mill and weld all conventional materials to the highest level of quality and produce our UHV components and vacuum chambers from the concept through to the product ready for installation.

UHV linear feedthroughs with motor drive

Precise motorised UHV linear feedthroughs for use in the Ultra High Vacuum (UHV).

These linear feedthroughs have a potentiometer for reading the exact position of the plunger in the vacuum chamber, a customer-specific stepper motor or DC motor, two limit switches and permits optional water cooling.


  • Product for different customers


  • Mechanical stroke: Maximum 250 mm
  • Mounting flange: DN 63CF – DN 250 CF
  • Drive: Step motor / DC motor (depending on customer requirements)
  • Positioning: < 10µm
  • Vacuum seal: Welded bellow
  • Can be heated: Up to 150 ˚C
  • Water cooling: Cu pipe through welded bellow (optional)
UHV linear feedthroughs with motor drive

Ultrasonic bath

The program-controlled ultrasonic cleaner can be used for any application related to ultrasonic cleaning or decontamination.

The power-on time, duty cycle, temperature and RF power can be programmed separately using the SIMATIC control unit. The control unit also monitors all parameters during the cleaning process. The plant has a network connection and can therefore be operated remotely.


  • Dimensions of the trough: 950 x 930 x 1100 mm
  • Total volume of the trough: 980 Litre
  • Frequency: 25 kHz or 40 kHz
  • Total RF power: 6 kW (4 x 1.5 kW)
  • Maximum temperature: 80˚C
  • Programming and control: Siemens SIMATIC
  • Remote control / Connection: Ethernet
Ultrasonic bath

Vacuum chambers / Customer specific

We produce vacuum components exclusively to meet the requirements of our customers.

Send us your sketches and we will use them to create production drawings in our design office or give us your production drawings and we will manufacture and test the components using these drawings.

You can also simply send us your requirements for a vacuum component and we will design and produce the components to meet your specifications. From the design stage through the construction process and production and on to testing of components, we will keep you informed at every stage so you will be able to monitor the entire production process for your component.
Vacuum chambers / Customer specific