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Special machines

We produce special machines which specifically based on ideas from our customers and their particular specifications. On the basis of a specification for a new machine and its application, we work closely with our customer to first develop a design, then we create a model and finally we produce a new, customised special machine.

Special machine construction from a single source

Often we only receive initial ideas and vague functional descriptions from the customer for the special machines they need. With our experience and working closely together we refine the design in the project team. Define functions, materials, size and components to be included and then create a design which aims to implement all characteristics in the most efficient and economic way possible. This is how new customer-specific special machines are created with German workmanship.

Pressure test bench for cables

Pressure test bench for pressure testing cables. The cables are made from plastic, rubber, metal or a combination of these. Pressure testing can be carried out both with vacuum pressure or also positive pressure to 40 bar. It is possible to use water, air or Helium as the test medium.

The parts are inserted and fixed by hand. Pressure testing, pressure loss and flow testing can be carried out. Evaluation is carried out using a test unit.

The cables which are tested and are OK can be printed where required. Component specific text or a data matrix code can be printed on the item. An inkjet printer is used for the printing process.


  • miscellaneous


  • It is possible to carry out pressure testing up to 40 bar.
  • Printing on the test pieces which are OK
  • Compact design of the test bench
Pressure test bench for cables

Handling system with adhesive dispensing unit for bonding films

The design of these special machines was created in our design department, in close cooperation with our customers. Due to the complexity of this handling system, close cooperation with the customer is absolutely essential, so that the knowledge required for the production process can flow directly into the design.

The system consists of a 3D axis system, a precise adhesive dispensing unit and vacuum plates. The process control unit was programmed and optimised by us in accordance with the customers’ specifications.
Handling system with adhesive dispensing unit for bonding films

Press with vacuum unit

These special machines were developed with our customers and are used to press films of different sizes. The films are fixed on vacuum plates for the pressing process. The maximum pressing force is 300 kN. The force and duration of the pressure can be preset using a control unit. Multiple presses are also possible. The dimensions of the working surface are 1000 x 500 mm.
Press with vacuum unit

Feed unit

These special machines were developed with our customers and are used to feed and separate packaging units. The plant was fitted onto an existing machine.

The feed unit is filled with packaging units of different sizes and dimensions. When doing this, the quantity can be adjusted as necessary. Detection of the packaging unit is automatic.
Feed unit