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Test technology

Throughout the world German workmanship is held in high esteem. This reputation has been created through the durability, dimensional tolerance and functionality of German products. We also guarantee this and test the dimensional tolerance of our machines and plants as standard, using the most modern 2D and 3D measuring techniques. We test the vacuum tightness using the Helium leak test.

German workmanship is no coincidence

The most modern machines and processes, highly-trained and experienced specialists, tightly integrated teams as well as quality checks conducted consistently during development and production phrases - at Kreß we focus on this triad in order to deliver German workmanship. Our tests stretch from compliance with specified component geometry through to guaranteeing the leak-tightness of welds and connections.
When doing this we do not regard any defects we uncover as flaws. We see them as a starting point for a detailed cause study. If there are systematic faults, then the results are fed directly into process improvement, in order to prevent faults being repeated. The end result is special machines which work perfectly, give exceptional performance and work for a long period of time.

Testing technology equipment

3D measurement:

Romer mobile measuring arm for measuring volumes with ø up to 2500 mm

This measuring arm enables precise measurement of a workpiece. When doing this the 3D model produced from the design will be read into the computer of the measuring arm and the measuring points on the workpiece are scanned. The computer for the measuring arm then determines the exact dimensional deviation between the target values of the 3D model and the target values of the workpiece. All measurements are documented in a detailed measurement log.

2D measurement:

TESA micro-hite plus M600

This digital measuring device can measure lengths up to 615 mm and has a measuring accuracy of less than 3µm. Through the modular concept, length measurements can be taken in the form of external, internal, height, depth and distance measurements on geometric elements with flat, plane-parallel and circular cylindrical surfaces in one or two coordinate directions.

Helium leak test:

Pfeiffer Vacuum SmartTest HLT 560, booster pump Pfeiffer Vacuum DUO 008

The detection rate for vacuum leaks is 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s. The HLT 560 He leak tester has an internal rotary vane pump and an He test leak for calibration. For leak detection on recipients with larger volumes an additional rotary vane pump with a pumping speed of 8 m3/h is used. For leak testing on smaller volume parts devices are used which have been specially developed by us.