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Special machines are built to order. Often we only receive a rough sketch a vague concept of the functions which must be fulfilled. Before we can create a vacuum chamber, a device or a special machine from this information, engineers, designers and production specialists from Kreß take over the detailed mechanical, pneumatic and electrical planning.

We make ideas into special machines

In our engineering department we design all necessary components in CAD. A development team allows design and manufacturing knowledge to flow together. In this way, we can ensure that a special machine not only fulfils all the requirements in terms of function and quality. Due to the fact that we continually check and optimise the purchase of third party components, procurement, logistics and feasibility in production, in the end, the result is special machines with a high degree of efficiency.

Usually, the UHV components, special machines and devices are integrated into existing systems and plants by Kreß. We therefore integrate pneumatic systems, sensor technology and measuring technology into the design and ensure communication capability with the customers’ existing control electronics. In this way, our extensive experience in the most varied areas of application and conventional systems of plant automation are incorporated together.

We operate a quality management system in the design department which is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008. We work with the following systems:

  • 3 positions (mechanical design) / Solid Edge and ProEngineer
  • 1 position (electrical engineering) WSCAD for PLC systems S7-1200, S7-1500 and LOGO