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Contract manufacturing

We turn, mill, drill, finish and weld components as a prototype and in mass production. The spectrum of our contract manufacturing includes the production of individual parts, assemblies and small batches. We will be pleased to advise you about the technical possibilities and happy to create an individual quotation for you.

Examples of contract manufacturing

Fig. 1: Milling part made of aluminium with surface treatment.

Fig. 2: Welded part made of aluminium, thin-walled pipe with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm

Fig. 3: Turned part made of titanium, conically tapered, holes arranged on the lateral surface

Fig. 4: Cam discs with gearing, design, construction and production at our premises.

Fig. 5: Rotary milled part: Electrode holder made of copper

Fig. 6: Parts carrier made of plastic, production in accordance with the customers’ drawing

Fig. 7: Workpiece carrier made of aluminium, production in accordance with the customers’ drawing

Fig. 8: Cylinder housing for lifting cylinder of the suspension unit

Fig. 9: 3-D milled part of a thin-walled shaped half mould, made of stainless steel


  • Miscellaneous
Examples of contract manufacturing

He leak test

We offer you He leak detection on individual components or volume parts. The results with all measurements are summarised in a measurement log.

The brackets and adapters needed for the He leak test are custom made for your test pieces in our production department.


  • He leak tester: Pfeiffer Vacuum HLT 560 SmartTest including SmartTest software for computer analysis
He leak test